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Who Are the Cheaha Trail Riders?

The Cheaha Trail Riders (CTR) is a group of men and women and their families who for over 20 years have worked in a cooperative effort with the U.S. Forest Service and other organizations to provide?the first ORV Park in Alabama. The Park is known as Kentuck ORV Park.?The club and the trail system have grown but more is always needed in the form of volunteers and sponsors. This would include but not limited to: trail maintenance; trail patrol; planning for events; continuing the communication with the AMA, NOHVCC, BLUE RIBBON COALITION, ATVA, SVIA, MIC, etc.; drumming up sponsorship; finding ways to get more people involved and educated on proper trail usage; respect for private property and the environment.?

CTR members are also involved working with Federal, State & County officials in?designing, developing, planning and supporting existing & new OHV Parks and Trail Systems in the State of Alabama and across the USA. Do keep in mind it is individuals like yourself that have full time jobs, ?families, as well as other responsibilities that have made this possible. WHY?? So that future generations can continue as we have to enjoy the National Forest and other OHV trail systems in the State and be responsible for off-road recreation at the same time. HOW?? By contacting any of the officers of the club and/or coming to the monthly meetings which are held on the second Thursday of each month at  7:00pm CDT. ?Meetings are announced in advance on this website.

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Why Was the Cheaha Trail Riders Organization Formed?

The Cheaha Trail Riders was formed in 1988 by a handful of like-minded individuals who saw the future of off-road recreation being threatened. This group of people had seen the U.S. Forest Service close the National Forest in Alabama to motorized recreation. The options for riding in the area had been greatly reduced with just one action on the government?s behalf. The group originated as a nonprofit club chartered with the State of Alabama, AMA & ATVA. 

After two years of flagging, measuring, surveying, and clearing pathways, the construction began.  The Kentuck ORV System opened with almost 9 miles of trail. With the help of the original trails funding program (SYMM's Trail Program ) the volunteer group signed on as partners with the Forest Service.  Now funded to expand the system and with the help of the Forest Service, the construction of a 6 mile loop across Kentuck mountain began. This trail is now known as the yellow loop.

As the years have passed, there have been further additions and improvements. The first was the Orange loop, which added another 9.5 miles of trail.  The Kentuck ORV System now has 23.5 miles of trail open to the public, a Kiddie loop, bathroom facility, campsites, loading/unloading dock and some great riding.

It has been over 20 years since the partnership with the U.S. Forest Service was formed and the trail system is still growing. It just takes a few volunteers who cared enough to get involved and make something happen. Just imagine if a hundred dedicated people got together and tried this same type of thing. WOW! All of this is possible because of the volunteers working together for a positive public image for OHV Recreation on public lands.        

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Other Involvements of Cheaha Trail Riders, Inc.

Minooka Park 

Cheaha Trail Riders have been heavily involved with Minooka Park. We worked with Chilton County officials and Trails Unlimited several years ago in turning this area into a beautiful park. We have had many workdays at the site and the park is now open to the public. Cheaha Trail Riders and Chilton County have won awards for its work in this park.

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Talladega County TOP Trails and Recreational Complex

Cheaha Trail Riders are heavily involved in seeing this 2847 acres of property become developed for OHV trails, along with other trail systems and recreational venues

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Make-A-Wish Foundation Rides 

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