2011 Cheaha Trail Riders
Was a great success! Thanks to
Mickey Ferguson, our guest of honor and
all the CTR volunteers.


2010 Make-A-WishTremendous Success!
The 8th Annual Make-A-Wish Foundation Event
that was held at the Coosa River Storage Annex
in Talladega was a huge success! We were able to
raise close to $3000 and had a crowd close to 150 attendees.
Cheaha Trail Riders, Inc. transferred their $450,000
ADECA RTP Grant to the Public Park Authority Board
that same day.
Overall, over $6000 worth of prizes were given away.
Pictures will be posted on our facebook page soon.


2009 Make-A-Wish Event and Moonshine Ride a Success!
Thanks to everyone who worked hard for this very worthy cause.
A lot of effort was put into making this event successful.
We were able to raise $1430 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Thanks to our host Doc Hilt Trails, Gannon Murphy
and to all the volunteers who made this possible.

--- 2008 Annual Make-A-Wish Foundation Ride ---
2008 Make-A-Wish Foundation Ride held on November 9, 2008 at Kentuck OHV Park was very successful and we appreciate all who participated, our sponsors and those who worked hard to make it a success. We raised over $1000 for the Foundation.
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Families enjoyed MAW, so did the dogs and everyone!

John Sweeney with Georgia/Alabama Make-A-Wish along with some CTR Officers

Great crowd of people, some are ready to ride, yet others are ready to sleep!

Logos of Businesses who donated prizes :
(Click on Logos to go to their website)

Sylacauga Marine and ATV

Clay County Chamber of Commerce

2008 Moonshine Run
The 2008 Moonshine Run on Saturday night was a great success also!
(This is not associated with the Make-A-Wish Event but is always held
on the night before the Make-A-Wish Event )

Danny Rice, Cheaha Trail Riders Head Revenuer, pictured standing on the still,
along with his deputies Joe Gilliland top right, Steve Newton bottom
right and Glenn Myers top left, cracked down on some rowdy
4-wheeled Runners on Saturday November 8th at Kentuck OHV Park

With all kidding aside, I am sure you have determined by now that this is not a picture of CTR people, but everyone had tons of fun anyway. The event took place at Kentuck OHV Park in the Talladega National Forest Cheaha Mountain Range. The weather was excellent and the fall foliage was spectacular. A campfire was lit and everyone was ready for instructions and were excited to hit the trails for the main event for that Saturday night. The participants were given hints as to where they could find the bottles of water and they had to make it back
to home base without getting caught by the Revenuers. The Revenuers were packing (mega water guns) and were ready and willing to soak the participants by jumping out from behind the trees and giving these
"Illegal Moonshine Runners" a taste of what it is like to get caught. Everyone had a blast and especially those who got soaked! First, Second and Third Place Prizes were awarded to the Runners who made
it back to Home Base without getting caught.
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Preparation and Getting Ready

Instructions Given, Let's Go!

Revenuers and Their Captured Contraband

Winners (From Left to Right: Anthony, David, Vince) with Danny Rice: Head Revenuer


Past Years Make-A-Wish Foundation Events

Cheaha Trail Riders have held Make-A-Wish Foundation Events in the past years:

2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003