Minooka Park, Al


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Minooka OHV Park
RV Park Now Open
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Now Open Wednesday Through Sundays 9AM-6PM

This park is owned by Chilton County
and managed by Chilton County
Park Manager:
Gerald Arrington

Park Amenities

The Park will provide trails for ATV's, Dirt Bike's, Mountain Bike's, Horses and a Walking/Nature Trail around the lake. Also included is Camping, an Environmental Education Center, Rider Training Area with certified MSI Instructor, (3) Pavilions, Bathrooms, concessions, Natural Area and fishing will all be part of the parks attractions. We are very excited about this new OHV Park & Trail System. The repairs to the lake have been completed. (5) Fishing piers have been constructed. The lake has been filled and stocked with fish. An island has been added in the back of the lake. A walking trail has been constructed around the lake, which includes a 50 ft bridge to complete the trail. Approximately 15 miles of trails have been constructed in the park with plans to expand. When completed this Park will be an icon for this type of recreation facility and will provide additional revenue for Chilton County and the surrounding merchants. It also gives the Motorcycle Dealers and Motorcycle Shop Owners another public riding area to recommend to their customers. See photos below of some of the park amenities.


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    Lake Pavilion                 Fishing Piers              Upper Pavilion           Bathrooms            Walking Trail entrance


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Enviromental Center     View from Center          Walking Trail     View from across lake      Overlook Deck
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Minooka Park Project wins Award from Coalition For Recreational Trails (CRT)
Three club members from Cheaha Trail Riders went to Washington DC to accept the Award.  Garry Griggs, Glenn Myers went to Washington DC on June 8th to accept the 2004 Award on behalf of Chilton County, Volunteers and Cheaha Trail Riders involved in the Minooka Park Project.


The Park is located off Hwy 31 between Calera & Jemison on County Rd 146.

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Equestrians Visit Minooka Park
A couple of equestrian clubs visited the park and had the opportunity to ride the trails before the park is officially open. The ride was coordinated by Tina Thomas of the Central Alabama Horse Club along with the Walnut Creek Christian Horseman's Club. They were very appreciative and excited to be able to ride the trails before the trails are officially open. They have the same concerns and problems with legal areas to ride their horses as the dirt bikes and four wheelers do. There were about 35 riders that participated in the ride. No motorized traffic was allowed in the trails during the ride. When the park officially opens, a schedule will be posted on the dates when the trails are open for motorized or equestrian. The park will never allow both motorized and horses on the trails at the same time due to safety issues. I really enjoyed meeting all the riders and being a part of this event. Brooke Beazley/Cheaha Trail Riders
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 A special

Red Rider Magazine Performs Photo Shoot at Minooka Park

The magazine for Honda Motorcycle & ATV owners visited the park to take pictures of the trails riding Honda ATV's. The article and pictures were featured in the magazine. Pete & Ken with Vreeke & Associates handled the photo shoot. Don Wilson with American Honda also participated in the photo shoot along with the following CTR club members: Glenn Myers, Cliff Smith, Jerry Bradon, Eric Hermenson and Brooke Beazley. It was a great experience for us all. The Honda ATV's used in the photo session were provided by Icon Power Sports in Trussville, AL. Mary-Sue Olson with the Chilton Co. Park Board and Glenda Strength, Chilton Co. Commissioner, were also present for the photo shoot. Below are some of my personal photos of the event. Brooke Beazle.

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NOHVCC Representative Visits Minooka

DSC01775.JPG (26092 bytes)Dana Bell with NOHVCC (National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council) had the opportunity to visit Minooka and see the trail system first hand along with some of the members of Cheaha Trail Riders. Also present was Mary-Sue Olson with the Chilton County Park Board.
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Park Rules and Regulations

Park Rules

Park Waiver


Or Go To Minooka Website for More Information


Click Here for Master Trail Plan

The Multi-use trails (two-way travel) are designated for four wheelers, motorcycles, mountain bikes and horses. Approximately 15 miles of trails have been constructed in the park with plans to expand. See images below for pictures of a few trails.
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These trails were constructed by Trails Unlimited and volunteers
More Pictures of the Trails Unlimited's crew & volunteers working on trail construction

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Volunteers come in all ages!

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Lots of people and riders have visited the park to see the trails before the park is officially open. Below are pictures of a few of the riders, visitors and trail shots. Some of the visitors volunteered and helped clear some of the trails or removed debris from existing trails. Thanks, you help is really appreciated.

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