Neat Ideas Could Keep u Safe

Kick's Corner

By Nick Kaufman

Tips on many different aspects of Off Highway Vehicle Safety,
Maintenance and just good ole common sense!
A Word From Nick:

My goal with posting articles is to help, educate, and save someone some money and hard work. Also to help make everyones rides
safer and more fun. I am not an expert in any way, shape, or form. I intend to share things from personal experience (good and bad),
items I read, ideas others have shared and I welcome any help and information on any topic. I have been using and working on motorcycles,
(off road and street bikes), atvs and side by sides for 50 years. I do all of my own maintainance and repair. I have rebuilt 9 atv for my
children and grandkids and we have three side by sides. Not bragging, just giving you an idea of where I get most of my info and
knowledge from. (most of it the hard and expensive way. LOL)

At each of our monthly meetings I spend about 5 to 10 minutes to discuss the issues I will publish here. My ideas and comments will not
meet every persons wants or needs but they will be factual or stated otherwise as an opinion. Just ask my wife if I ever have an opinion.
Every once in a while she allows me to state my opinion as long as hers overrides it. LOL. If there is an area that you would like to
share or discuss please let me know. My desire to ride with good riders is to be sure they have the proper training and knowledge but
along with that comes machines that are safe and well maintianed.

Tip #1:

Several years ago I was teaching my wife how to ride her first motorcycle. I had been riding for a
few years and I knew everything. I had heard of the MFS courses and decided that she should
take this course so that I would have someone else to blame if she got into trouble. (so call me
a coward). She would not take the course unless I took it with her. Needless to say I was shocked
at what I did not know and at what they could teach me. We both went on to take the MSF
instructor course. I am just saying that no matter who we are, we can always learn more and

Tip #2:

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Tip #3:

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Tip #4:

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Tip #5:
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(Disclaimer: All ideas and information above are to be considered suggestions and are not to be considered full-proof.
Cheaha Trail Riders, Inc., nor Nick Kaufman, do not warrant nor intend to warrant the ideas above and the person
acting on such suggestions is considered doing so at their own risk. CTR and its members are to be considered
held harmless with anyone attempting to use the suggestions above.)