Fun for the gang, from 3 years and up

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Photos sent in from Club Members & Guest
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Left to right: Brooke Beazley, Jerry Braden, Glenn Myers and Doug Morris, President Of ATVA
Picture taken at the ATVA Nationals held at Mill Creek MX Track in Pell City, Al.

Karen Beazley and Glenn Myers being interviewed about ATV Safety


4-Wheeler Donated to CTR by Polaris


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Just a few picts from working on trails this Summer 2006


P1010394.JPG (63823 bytes) P1010393.JPG (63203 bytes) Kentuck OHV Park . Sent In by Chris M. Davis 10-8-05

Photos sent in from 4-22-05. Kentuck ORV Park
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Spring Fun Run @ Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club 4-17-05. Maplesville, AL.
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Submitted 4-3-05 / CTR
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3-wheeler.jpg (33184 bytes) 3-wheelers never die, the riders just get older!

Various Photos sent in by our guest


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  GUEST PHOTOS       E-mail me your pictures of your trail ride adventures or club events with brief description.  Will post the pictures on the  website.
All guest pictures are reviewed by the CTR Board and approved before posting on the website. Please use proper trail ethics and TREAD LIGHTLY polices.